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Character Profiles





Goku is a Saiyan warrior that, as a small child, was sent to earth from the planet Vegeta to destroy all life on earth. Goku was found on earth by Gohan his new grandfather. Goku then hit his head and remembered nothing about his mission. Goku is now grown and the strongest person to inhabit earth. Goku is then confronted by his brother Raditz. Raditz takes Goku's son Gohan(named after Goku's grandfather). Then Goku is forced to team up with Piccolo to fight Raditz. They go to Raditz and have a fight and Piccolo kills Raditz and Goku at the same time. Goku is sent to heaven and travels Snake Way to train with King Kai. Goku makes it to King Kai's place and trains in the art of Kao Ken and Spirit Bomb. Goku masters both of these techniques and races back to earth to fight Nappa and Vegeta. When Goku gets back to earth he beats Nappa with ease then takes on Vegeta in the fight of the century. Vegeta beats Goku up and Goku is unable to fight. Krillin and Gohan help in the fight and they beat up Vegeta when Gogan turns into a Saiyan Monkey. Goku tells Krillin to let Vegeta go. Then, after a period of time, Goku travels to Namek and Vegeta sees that Goku has become a Legendary Super Saiyan. Goku is now the most powerful being in the universe.

Special Attacks- Kamehameha, Kao Ken,& Spirit Bomb


Gohan is Goku's first son. Gohan is part Saiyan part human. Gohan's original power level was extraordinary for a young boy. It was higher than Goku's;it was 710 at its highest! Gohan has a tail which means he can transform into a Saiyan Monkey and his power level sky rockets when he does this. After he turns Monkey and defeats Vegeta he goes to Namek with Krillin to get the Dragon Balls to wish Piccolo back from King Kai's planet. Gohan's power level when he reaches Namek is around 1,500. He fights Recoom of the Ginyu Force(after Vegeta and Krillin are beaten) and is badly beaten. Then Goku comes and revives him with Senzu Beans.

Special Attacks- Kamehameha and Masenko


Piccolo was, at first, Goku's enemy, but was forced to team up with him to destroy Raditz. After he and Goku defeated Raditz, Piccolo took Gohan and train him for the battle with Vegeta and Nappa. During the battle with Nappa, Nappa tried to send Gohan into another dimension, but Piccolo jumped in front of Gohan and took the hit for Gohan and Piccolo died. He then went to King Kai's place to train. Namek is Piccolo's home planet.

Special Attack- Special Beam Cannon


Vegeta is the prince of the Saiyans. He comes to earth to fight Goku and get the Dragon Balls and become immortal. He is denied by Goku, Krillin, and Gohan. Vegeta finds that he is not strong enough to beat Goku in normal state so, he transforms into a Saiyan Monkey and wipes the ground with Goku. Then, out of nowhere, Yajarobe flies through the air and cuts Vegeta's tail off. He returns to a normal state and starts a fight with Gohan and Gohan gives him a good battle. Then, Gohan turns Saiyan Monkey and beats the crap outta Vegeta. Vegeta flees to revive his strength and isn't seen until Namek. On Namek Vegeta is beaten by Recoom, but Goku arrives and gives him a Senzu Bean. After Goku does battle with Freeza, Vegeta finds that to become a Super Saiyan, one must have a pure soul. Vegeta figures it out and completes the transformation into a Super Saiyan. Vegeta then gets married to Bulma and they have a boy named Trunks.

Special Attack- Galic Gun


Goten is Goku's second son. Goten had the ability to turn Super Saiyan at age five! Goten looks almost exactly like Goku when he was young. Goten is more of a fighter than Gohan because Gohan is forced by Chichi, his mother, to study. Goten is one of the youngest fighters of Dragon Ball Z.

Special Attack- Kamehameha


Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma. He is one year older than Goten. Trunks comes from the future and this is the first time everyone sees him. He comes to give Goku a special heart medicine that Goku will need in the future. Trunks is an extraordinary fighter, and at his first appearence he is stonger than Vegeta and Goku! He is also half Saiyan so he has the ability to become a Super Saiyan. Trunks also has a sword from the future. Trunks, as a child, is Goten's best friend.

Special Attack- Burn Blast


Raditz is the first evil Saiyan to come to earth. He comes to see if Goku(or Kakarot as Raditz and the other Saiyans will call him)has filled out his original Saiyan mission. When Raditz finds out that Goku hasn't he is enraged. He questions Goku if he forgot and then is angered that Goku lost his tail. Raditz takes Gohan and puts him in his pod until Goku comes to take him back. Raditz challenges Goku to a fight. Then Goku and Piccolo find Raditz to fight. Raditz kicks their butts and is about to kill Goku, but Gohan flares up in anger and headbutts Raditz weakening him substantially. Then Goku grabbed Raditz and Piccolo shot him with his Special Beam Cannon and Raditz died with Goku.

Special attacks- "Keep your eyes on the Birdie" shot and Transformation into a Saiyan Monkey


Krillin is Goku's best friend. He starts out very weak. (Power Level at arrival of Raditz: 239) So he is no help in the fight against Raditz. But when he knows that two more Saiyans are coming he is invited, through Yajarobe, to Kame's lookout to train and become stronger. Krillin becomes much stronger and is very ready for the Saiyan's arrival. Krillin gets beaten by Nappa and is revived with Goku's Senzu Beans. Then he helps Goku in the fight with Vegeta when Goku's body is thrashed from the fight. Krillin gets blasted by Vegeta. So while Gohan takes on Vegeta, Goku gives Krillin some of the left over Spirit bomb energy and Krillin throws it and Gohan rebounds it into Vegeta. Then Vegeta falls down from where the Bomb blasted him and Krillin picks up Yajarobe's sword and goes to kill Vegeta, but Goku stops him and lets Vegeta go. Then after Krillin is healed, he goes with Gohan to Namek. While on Namek, he gets powered up by Guru and takes on Recoom of the Ginyu Force and gets knocked out with one kick. Then Goku comes and revives him with Senzu Beans.

Special Attacks- Destructo Disc, Kamehameha, and Rain of Fireballs


Yamcha is first seen playing on a Japanese baseball team. He is very shy around girls, but loves to impress them. He is very weak, probably the weakest of the Earth's Special Forces. After the training on Kame's lookout he is reasonably stronger. His spirit for fighting was very high. He loved to fight. So, he was the first to fight one of the Saibamen, willingly. He was killed though, because the Saibaman went kamikazee and killed himself and Yamcha. Yamcha went with Piccolo, Tien, and Chauzu to King Kai's planet to train with him.

Special Attacks- Kamehameha, Spirit Bomb(not like Goku's, Yamcha's is yellow and he can control it)


Nappa was Vegeta's Saiyan partner. Nappa was born on the planet Vegeta. He was the second most powerful Saiyan in the world until Goku came back from King Kai's place and beat him up until Vegeta killed him. Before Vegeta killed him, Nappa's power level was 4,000.   On the way to Earth, Nappa and Vegeta stopped at a planet called Arlia. Nappa killed most of the "people" that inhabited that planet. Then, Vegeta blew the whole thing up.

Special Attack- Transformation into a Saiyan Monkey


Freeza is an alien being. He has a brother named Cooler and a father named King Cold. Freeza, before Goku became Super Saiyan, was the third strongest being in the universe. Freeza and the Saiyans would go from planet to planet killing all the inhabitants. Then, some of the Saiyans started getting stronger, so Freeza decided to destroy the Saiyan home planet, called Vegeta. Only four Saiyans were away when the planet blew. Freeza heard about the Dragonballs of Namek, so, he went there to find the balls and make the wish to become immortal. But, his plan was foiled by Vegeta who stole the Dragonballs momentarily, then, Goku killed Ginew while Freeza was away. Freeza was furious. He fought Goku, and the other fighters who were there, Freeza killed Krillin and that triggered Goku's transformation into Super Saiyan. During the fight Freeza transformed three times before being beaten by Goku. Freeza, after being killed by Goku, was rebuilt by his father as part machine. Now Freeza was more powerful than ever. But, then Trunks sliced him in half.

Special Attacks- Freeza ball, Pink Destructo Disks


Nail's power level when he was fighting Freeza was around 49,000. No match for Freeza, but he put up a really good fight.  When Vegeta came to Guru's house when Gohan was getting his powers awakened, Nail told Vegeta to take a hike! Nail got beat up bad by Freeza and later merged with Piccolo and let Piccolo take over both of their minds and bodies.

Special Attacks- none


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