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Character Names



Bulma - bloomers, japanese for womens underwear/shorts.
Marron - marron, japanese spelling of the french word.
ChiChi - slang for breasts in japanese
Pilaf - pilav, japanese for rich dish
Yamcha - means "dim sum" in chinese
Chaozu - chinese for "gyoza", stickers
Tienshinhan - a type of fried rice
Puar - chinese for "puh er" a type of tea
Kuririn - japanese for "chestnut"
Oolong - chinese for "wulong", or Amber Tea
Videl - "devil" variation
Cell - a cell
Guldo -  "yoguruto" japanese for yogurt
King Kold - cold
Freezer - freezing
Burter - japanese saying for "butter"
Kuwi - egg sized chinese fruit
Ginyu - japanese for "milk"
Dodoria - "doria", japanese for tasty dish
Zarbon - a japanese fruit


Piccolo - type of flute
Dende - japanese for "denden mushi"
Tsuno - japanese for "horn"
Tamborine - a tamborine
Kami - japanese for "god"


Goku - "ku" japanese for sky
Goten - "ten" japanese for heaven or afterlife
Nappa - chinese for "cabbage"
Gohan - japanese for "rice"
Pan - multi-language word for "bread"

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